1. Discovery

We begin the process by sitting down with you and listening to your business problem. This helps us begin to visualize the problem and start to brainstorm various ways to solve it.

2. Requirements

When we gather requirements what we mean to do is learn all of the specific details about your business problem. When collecting these details, we find it advantageous to collect them from people in different roles across your organization as it may affect each of them differently.

3. Design

The purpose of the design step is to help everyone visualize the problem and the solution. We create storyboards to depict what your solution will look like and how it will work. Then based on your feedback, we'll adjust and revise as needed.

4. Estimate

The estimate will outline costs, timeline, and requirements. We often provide a ballpark estimate after step one, so clients can get a general idea of time and cost. A more detailed and formal estimate comes after step three.

5. Develop

This is when we write and test the actual software code based on everything we learned in the previous four steps. The different components of your solution will be written by the developer(s) with the most expertise in that given area so that you can count on excellence and quality throughout.

6. Delivery

As we complete various parts of your solution, we will deliver test builds for you to review and give feedback on. The final delivery is the production build and is the one you will begin using in your business.

7. Support

This is one of the most crucial steps of the whole process. When you need help with a problem or want to add a new feature, we'll be there. Call, email, or use our contact form, we'll respond!

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