Does the software that your IT Department developed, make you do this?

St. Louis Software Team Development

Software Developers, even those with a University Degree, often have difficulty in effectively applying what they've learned. They know the rudimentariness of how to create an algorithm and how to design an attractive user interface, but they've not been taught or understand how to apply their knowledge when it comes to Enterprise Business Systems.

They don't know how to:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Focus on the problem, not on the code
  • Compose small solutions together into a larger one
  • Write code for re-use

It's essential that managers recognize, good software can only be developed by teams that do so in a deliberate fashion. Sustainable software takes time, process, and planning. The hack and hurry up paradigm of software development is not compatible with lasting and stable software solutions.

We can help your team learn how to develop sustainable and stable solutions for your business.

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