Webmaster Guidelines

Each search engine has an algorithm to calculate the search results. Following the Webmaster Guidelines specific to the browser in use will help the browser find and index your site, resulting in your website ranking. Here are some of the webmaster guidelines for Google and Bing:


Crawling is a process where Googlebot, a bot created by Google specifically to "crawl" websites, discovers pages with new or updated content and then adds those pages to the Google index. You can keep tabs on and monitor the crawability of your website with tools such as the Google Search Console.

Directory Listings

Directory Listings can be used to build the popularity of your website. These listings pass on information to other search engines, so making sure your information is consistent across listings helps provide users with credible information about your business.


Having rich content can improve your website ranking; however, this doesn't necessarily guarantee you will be at the top of search results. Try to write content that is worth reading. No one likes to search for something and end up on a page full of unrelated or incoherent information.

Meta Tags

Along with writing quality content, optimizing your meta tags can have a significant impact on ranking success. Websites that have Meta Title and Description tags optimized with the content allows bots to discover what your website pages are about.

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