Intellus Automotive Systems

Intellus Automotive Systems came to us with more than an idea; they had a vision! Intellus wanted to create an iPhone and Back Office Application, unlike any other automotive repair tool. From the very start, this tool was meant to be focused entirely on hail repair. There are many automotive repair software packages on the market. Many of them do multiple processes that make it challenging to navigate through to the particular repair specialty needed. Additionally, the mobile experience is often nonexistent.

The Intellus PDR Estimator for iPhone changes all of this. It can decode VIN bar codes, operate off-line, print invoices to air print printers, take photos, and so much more. This allows the hail estimators to focus on their job. Another fantastic tool is the Back Office Application. The Back Office serves as the central nervous system for communication with the iPhone App. Users can create hail jobs, reports, invoices, check job statuses as well as many other tasks.

We were able to give Intellus a centralized and industry focused application to run their business. They now have a streamlined process to reduce paperwork and time spent on jobs. This allows them to focus on what they do best and grow their business.

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Placard Wizard

Rick Rice (you may recognize the name if you are in the trucking industry) came to us not only as an Operations Manager but also as a software developer with a unique passion. He knew there had to be a better way to get the right hazmat placards on trucks that haul hazardous materials. In early 2002 he started developing an algorithm that would change the industry and open up the door for easy and straightforward to use software for 49 CFR Part 172 compliance.

The tool Rick developed was good, but something more was needed to make it great. TJC Labs collaborated with Rick to transform his algorithm into a portable Class Library as well as a Java Bean Compliant version. The software could now work on internally developed preexisting enterprise systems. This allowed some of the biggest firms in the trucking industry to utilize the software.

With the advancement of mobile technology and more people using their phones for business, there was a need for an iPhone and Android application. With the use of Microsoft’s .net framework and the power of Xamarin, we developed an iPhone and Android app that share a large amount of code logic. Today Placard Wizard is available as a Web Application via subscription, Intranet Web Application, iPhone App, Android App, Windows Desktop App, as well as a library and a java bean. Placard Wizard truly lives up to its company motto “Placard Wizard is your anytime, anywhere, any platform 49CFR Placarding Software.”

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Wicks Aircraft

Wicks came to us with a not so uncommon challenge. They had a shopping cart and an accounting package that did not integrate. They wanted their website shopping cart developed by Thomas Net to communicate with their Oak Street accounting software. In cases where you have two systems that were not made to communicate with each other, what do you do? This is where middleware comes in. We at TJC Labs developed a web service that basically talks to their website and updates their accounting and inventory database accordingly. We built an interpreter to bridge the communication gap between the two systems so that the data could be synced between them.

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