Focus Statements

We employ what we call the "Four Focus Statements of Software Development."

  • We focus on sustainability - A product may be in service 5, 10, 20 years from now. With this in mind, the design and structure of a product is carefully weighed and considered.
  • We focus on maintainability - Rather than just bolting on new features as we develop a solution, we continually evaluate and optimize the design as the system grows and evolves.
  • We focus on correctness - In what ways might the system error or crash when given invalid inputs? We write hundreds, sometimes thousands of tests that are continuously run and adjusted as the system grows.
  • We focus on re-use - How can the solution to this problem be generalized and leveraged as we develop the software. Re-use helps prevent the need to continually re-invent the wheel and saves both time and money.

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