Web App Development

Web Applications are applications that run over the internet and usually go beyond your basic website. Whether you need something simple or more advanced we can help!

St. Louis Web Application Development

Web Browser Apps

Web Browser based applications are at the forefront of application development and our interconnected world. We develop web browser based applications utilizing Microsoft’s ASP.net framework and the C# programming language.

Do you have a legacy application developed in Visual Basic? We can help you migrate to C# and the latest Microsoft technologies.

Web Services

Web Services are applications which provide that compatibility component that is so often useful when exchanging data between systems. We utilize Microsoft’s Windows Communication Foundation framework when building web services.

As an example, let's say you have this great piece of software that works on your local network, but really isn't usable for someone working outside of the office. Your sales force could really use access to this in the field on their phones, but there is no effective way to do this with the way the application works today. The answer is to build a web service that connects to your application on your network and provides a conduit for an iPhone or Android app to communicate with it!

Check out what we did for Wicks’s Aircraft on our Customer Projects page to see how we connected their website and accounting system!

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