Sales Funnels

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a set of steps created for a user to meet before they buy your product, subscribe to your blog, or request your service.

sales funnel

Sales Funnel Uses

Here are some of the most frequent marketing issues customers come to us with. Do any of these sound like you?

  • Our website looks great but people leave almost immediately.
  • I have a great product but no one is buying it.
  • My blog is terrific but I'm just not getting allot of subscribers.

Below are just a few of the different types of funnels that we offer to help you surmount your challenges and reach your goals!

The Perfect Funnel System

This is the system for converting leads into buyers and buyers into a community of raving fans who love you and share your products or services with others. You get access to this through our Private Members Area. This is foundational for understanding funnels and the power of how you can grow and scale your business.

The 'Booby Trap' Funnel

You get this 4-part Booby Trap Funnel that you can download and clone into your account. The booby trap funnel will help you capture leads so you can develop a relationship with them and then immediately offer them a product or service that you can sell them. We encourage you to sell something under $50, so you can increase your conversion rates, and this should allow you to pay for your advertising costs.

Perfect Sales Funnel

You get this 5-part sale funnel you can download and clone into your account. The "Perfect Sales Funnel" encompasses the six elements of a high converting offer built into the page to help you increase your conversions based on our experience building sales funnels. Use these elements to increase your sales today!

Irresistible Lead Capture Funnel

The irresistible lead capture funnel will allow you to capture leads so you can build a list and develop relationships with prospects before asking them for money. Elements are added to the page to increase trust, therefore increasing conversions. If you don't have an irresistible lead capture funnel capturing leads for your business, now is the time to set one of these puppies up for you with the simple click of the button!

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