Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps are everywhere and represent one of the most personal experiences people have with technology.

Mobile Application Development

The same device that checks your email, takes a photo at a birthday party and plays music also runs the App that you use to create an estimate for a customer, or deliver a presentation in a meeting.

iPhone Development

We have been developing for iPhone since 2009 and it’s been quite a journey. The iPhone has definitely defined the smart phone industry and iOS sets the standard for what people expect on a mobile device.

We can develop an iPhone app for enterprise internal company use and can assist you in setting up an internal deployment server so you can simply and easily distribute your app to your entire organization.

Do you have an idea for an app for the app store? We can help with that too! Whether it’s a marketing app, a utility or some other type of app we’ve got you covered. We build native iOS apps using Xcode and Objective C as well as Cross platform apps utilizing Xamarin and C# .net.

iPad Development

Developing apps for iPad goes beyond just taking an iPhone app and blowing it up so that it appears larger on the iPad’s display. There are different user interface menus as well as more things you can display on the screen with an iPad.

iPads are a great platform for apps that need more user input or simply want to take advantage of a larger screen. They’re also extremely reliable. We’ve tested iPads in use with kiosks for months on end with out a single application crash or reboot required!

Android Development

One important thing to realize when developing for Android is that it’s not iOS. Both operating systems offer distinct experiences and work in different ways. It’s important when creating features for your Android app that things work in a way that someone who uses Android expects it to work.

If you’re developing a mobile app for public use you most definitely need to have it available on iOS as well as Android. We’ll help you from start to finish; design, development, and finally deployment to Google Play!

Cross Platform with Xamarin

Microsoft's Xamarin, is a cross platform mobile app development tool that actually works! Xamarin is important to you because it allows a mobile developer to utilize just one programming language and one set of tools for multiple platforms. This helps significantly in reducing development time and expense. Xamarin isn’t perfect for everything, but there are many situations where it’s a great match!

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