SQL Database Design

Databases are the primary component of making an application that involves searching, saving, or retrieving information viable. Proper design and implementation are essential for success.

Database Design

SQL Databases are one of the most exciting technologies we work with at TJC Labs. We employ some of the brightest Database developers in the St. Louis area.

Most of the web apps, mobile apps, and web sites that you use every day all have a database behind the scenes used to store information. These could be an Access, SQLite, MS SQL, MySQL, relational database, or even a NoSQL database. We design applications and databases to go hand and hand for speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Some databases are only a few megabytes and store little bits of information, while others may contain hundreds of gigabytes of data. If you need your database converted to a newer technology or need help in deciding what kind to go with, we can help guide you through the process!‚Äč

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