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How do we improve our search ranking in Google?

 By: Quillan Nugent, Web Developer

Search Engine Optimization

How do you improve your search ranking on Google? It takes a lot of SEO code optimization, filling out forms, emails, phone calls all powered by an unlimited supply of candy bars and snack crackers (Thanks Cliff). This is our story of how we increased our search ranking and ultimately ended up on the 1st page of Google.

Improving your search results is an ongoing process. It takes time and research to improve your search rankings. There are a number of different strategies that can be employed to measure your progress and help you analyze your competition. In our case, the process took about 5 months for us to attain Page 1 Rank 1 status.

Below are a few of the techniques we used:

Competitive Analysis

We wanted to understand exactly where we stood in relation to our competition. Our research included small firms of 5 employees to firms of 5,000 and everything in between. This helped us identify areas where opportunities existed to help us “break away from the pack.”

We created a spreadsheet with a list of keywords that we noticed were popular among most of our competitors. We tracked Page Titles, Meta Information, and yes, the content. Each day we would check that specific term and see if there was any significant difference between the previous listing.

We started to notice a trend between the Page Title, the Meta Description, and the actual content itself. We noticed our competitors that ranked higher in the search results had a Page Title referencing the content.

Content Optimization

The second step was to optimize our content to match our Meta Tags. We also made sure our Page Titles contained terms that were in the content. Within days we saw our ranking jump and thought we would continue to climb in the rankings. In our continual tracking, we noticed that our ranking dropped dramatically after a week. This led us to the third step—Directory Listings.

Directory Listings

We found our company had incorrect information listed in most of the search engines from years ago. Our thought was to go to the websites that had incorrect information and update them. This is how we discovered that most of these sites were connected to a directory listing service. One of those sites being Yext. There were some sites that required payment and some that were free. We used the Moz Local Search tool. This was a very useful tool that allowed us to see which sites had incorrect information, enabling us to correct our information fairly quickly. We then resubmitted our website to the search engines. After a few months, almost all of the listings had been updated to match our content on our website.

We made it to the 1st page of Google. Our goal ultimately was to reach Page 1 Rank 1 of Google. This was a continual process: Research-> Update-> Resubmit. After about 5 months, we reached our goal of Page/Rank 1 of Google.

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