How We Do It

Over the last 20 years we have worked with many people to shine light on and bring their idea to life. The basic process usually works as follows:

Software Development
  • 1. First we listen to your idea and try to get inside your head so we can see what you've got. Once we're on the same page we can discuss your objectives, the size of your market, sales strategies, etc.
  • 2. Next just like an architect that builds your house, we'll put together plans and story boards so we can model what your end product will look like.
  • 3. Once we've agreed on the plan and have everything in place, we'll start work on your project. As we move along we'll give you updates of how things are progressing and start to deliver demos and test builds of your project.

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About Us

TJC Labs is a Software Development company based in St. Louis, Missouri. We were founded in 1993 and have worked with many firms over the years to shine light on and bring their ideas to life.

Our software development services include Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Middleware, and Data Analysis. Our job is to get inside your head and bring your ideas and business processes to life!

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